Our mission project

Map showing the location of LesothoWe provide ongoing support for the Semonkong and Pulane Children's Centres in Lesotho, Southern Africa. These centres care for children orphaned or affected by AIDS, which infects one third of the population of this land locked kingdom.

The centres were started by a Methodist missionary, Jill Kinsey. About half of their costs are met by a charity, Sentebale, which was set up by Prince Harry Wales and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho. All the other costs of the two centres have to be met by fundraising, which is led by Jill herself and is managed mainly by her family and friends.

Semonkong children's centre

Semonkong Children's Centre opened in September 2006. Currently there are 79 orphans / vulnerable children living in. In addition, a shepherd boys' school is held 4 evenings a week where 65 shepherd boys learn to read, write, count and speak English. The Semonkong Centre is run by Jill's daughter Tara Banaan Kinsey with a local teacher, Julius Majoro.

Pulane shepherds' schoolPulane Children's Centre, run by Jill, opened Oct 2008. Currently 90 orphans / vulnerable children are living in. The Pulane shepherd school has 36 students learning to read, write, count and speak English.

As well as caring for the children who live in the two centres, children in surrounding villages – many of whom are cared for by grandparents – are supplied with food parcels each month. This makes the children more valuable to their families and encourages them to be well looked after.

At Pulane a new girls' house has been completed and building work on a boys' house is underway. Besides supporting these projects with our prayers we sent over £3,000 in donations last year.

New building at Pulane childens' centre