Prayers and meditations

Prayer is an essential part of our lives as individual Christians and our corporate life as a church. There is always a time of prayer during our worship services and at church meetings, and church members are encouraged to pray daily.

Contemplative prayer

Calm water

Usually when we pray we bring our requests to God: problems we want solved, people we want healed, matters we want addressed. But it is good also to pray sometimes without any agenda of our own, just 'spending time' with God and being open to God's love.

Find a quiet and comfortable place where you won't be disturbed for ten minutes. Try to let your mind go blank. Thoughts will inevitably come into your consciousness - memories, problems, things you have to do - but merely acknowledge them and gently set them aside. Few things are so urgent that they can't wait a short while.

You may find it helpful to gaze at a flower or a candle flame, or to picture a calm sea in your mind's eye. Some people like to have slow music playing quietly in the background. Become aware of your steady breathing and the regular beat of your heart. Feel yourself motionless, stilled; being, not doing; just being in the presence of God.

Loving God
Help us to find time in our busy lives when we can simply enjoy your presence.
You dwell in stillness and peace, Lord: help us to enter into that sacred place and draw close to you.
In those precious moments
may we sense something of your calm strength and your immense love
that at the end of our prayer
we may return to the bustle of daily life
more closely in touch with you.

We pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash