Prayers and meditations

Prayer is an essential part of our lives as individual Christians and our corporate life as a church. There is always a time of prayer during our worship services and at church meetings, and church members meet in groups for prayer and fellowship at various times during the week.

Lent 2018: During this season the prayer room, which is in the vestry next to the church café, will be open for prayer or meditation from 10:30 to 11:30 am every Wednesday morning (21 Feb to 28 Mar inclusive). Please feel free to get a cup of tea or coffee in the café and bring it in with you!

Candle flame

A prayer for God's presence

Let the flame of your love never be quenched in our hearts, O Lord.

Waking or sleeping, living or dying, let us delight in your presence.

Let the flame of your love brighten our souls and illumine our path,

and let the majesty of your glory be our joy, our life and our strength, now and for ever.


The prayer on this page is from the Methodist Church Prayer of the day website. The prayer was written by Johann Arndt (1555-1621), who was a Lutheran pastor and theologian. The image of the candle flame is by Matthew Bowden and is published on the Wikimedia Commons website; it is used here in accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons licence.