Prayers and meditations

Prayer is an essential part of our lives as individual Christians and our corporate life as a church. There is always a time of prayer during our worship services and at church meetings, and church members are encouraged to pray daily.

Easter and Spring

Bouquet of flowers

Father God, creator of all
we thank you for this springtime
and for new life in the world of nature.
In this season especially
we give thanks for the resurrection of your Son Jesus
whom you raised from the dead to live eternally with you.
Loving Father we pray that you will stir up new life in us:
renew and strengthen our faith,
inspire us with hope and joy,
empower us by your Spirit
and fill our hearts with overflowing love.
Help us faithfully to follow your Son our Lord Jesus Christ
by praising you every day,
giving help and support to those in need
and being good neighbours to all whom we meet.
In His name we pray.

The painting 'Spring Bouquet' by Eva Theresa Bradshaw is in the London (Ontario) Museum and the image is published on the Wikimedia Commons website.