Useful links

Here are some links to websites that you may find useful if you want to find out more about the Christian faith or if you are looking for help in your own spiritual journey.

The selection changes as we find new links we like, so please check here from time to time.

Methodist logoThe website of the national Methodist Church offers a good introduction to Methodism today. It has information about the beliefs and principles that unite Methodists, the forms of worship used in Methodist churches, and the issues and causes supported by the Methodist movement. There are also daily prayers and resources for spirituality.

Fresh Expressions logoFresh Expressions is a joint Anglican and Methodist initiative aimed at encouraging different forms of church that are relevant for today. Our own Fresh Expressions worker, David Bintliff, is helping us worship and reach out to the community in new ways.

Dayspring logoIconograms logoIf you like to send online greetings to your friends, here are links to two sites that offer free e-cards with a Christian theme. One is Dayspring, which has cards for all occasions. The other is Iconongrams, which offers icons and images from the Orthodox tradition.

Re Jesus logoThe reJesus website has material about the life and teachings of Jesus, about the ways in which he has been represented and understood, and about the experience and beliefs of Christians today. The site includes readings and prayers, and materials for download and/or further study. It has developed an offshoot, the Mystic Christ website, which offers an additional range of resources.

Free Rice logoThe Free Rice website offers a range of interactive quizzes on different subjects. For each answer you get right, the site donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Program to help people who are hungry. Ten grains may not seem much, but if you play for a few minutes you can donate a lot!