Useful links

Here are some links to websites that you may find useful if you want to find out more about the Christian faith or if you are looking for help in your own spiritual journey.

Methodist logoThe website of the national Methodist Church offers a good introduction to Methodism today. It has information about the beliefs and principles that unite Methodists, the forms of worship used in Methodist churches, and the issues and causes supported by the Methodist movement. There are also daily prayers and resources for spirituality. The website of our United Stockport Circuit has information and links to other Methodist churches in our area.

Dayspring logoIconograms logoIf you like to send online greetings to your friends, here are links to two sites that offer free e-cards with a Christian theme. One is Dayspring, which has cards for all occasions. The other is Iconongrams, which offers icons and images from the Orthodox tradition.

Bible Gateway logoBible Gateway is a comprehensive resource for reading and studying the Bible. You can look up Bible references in a huge variety of different translations, read or listen to commentaries and study guides, and buy Bibles and Christian books. If you create an account you can make and keep notes about your reading, and there are apps you can download with readings for daily reflection etc. The site is supported by advertisments, but there is a subscription version of the site in which these are reduced.