Our church family

Who we are

We are a friendly group of Christians who care about each other, our local community and wider issues in the world. We are all ages from infant to elderly but most of us are mature.

There is a wide spectrum of beliefs among us and we enjoy diversity. This is reflected in the mixture of lay and ordained people who lead our worship, in the variety of worship styles and in the range of views expressed.

Junior Church

Junior Church

Our Junior Church meets every week (except in August) during the 10:15 am Sunday morning service. It offers worship activities for children of all ages in a friendly and safe environment. All our Junior Church leaders have had appropriate background checks and meet the requirements of the national Methodist Church Safeguarding scheme.

Pastoral care

We aim to be a warm and caring community, living out Christ's commandment to 'love one another'. We have a team of pastoral visitors who keep in touch with members of the congregation who are unwell or unable to attend church and offer them practical help.

Our local circuit

We belong to the United Stockport Circuit of Methodist Churches which covers most of the borough of Stockport. The circuit's mission statement is:

  • The United Stockport Circuit seeks to encourage and support local churches and communities so that people of all ages may become followers of Jesus Christ, grow in faith and deepen discipleship.
  • The United Stockport Circuit believes in celebrating the love of God and the forgiveness of sin through the sacrifice which Jesus made, by sharing the good news of the gospel with the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • We seek renewal and growth recognising the importance of worship, prayer, bible study, fellowship and caring as vital ingredients for that growth.